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Mundus Bulgaria

Mundus Bulgaria Association, established in 2017, is a non-governmental organisation, part of the international network of Association Mundus, based in Spain. The main mission is to support the achievements in non-formal education, for which purpose joint activities are undertaken in the various sectors of the Erasmus + program, to expand partnerships and international cooperation with various institutions, especially in the field of youth. The organization prepares national and partners in international programs for social and professional integration of adolescents, as well as projects for people in need of social integration.

MUNdus bulgaria work for

Support for training through the development of training activities and programs through non-formal education methods

Establish platforms for information exchange, cooperation and support to promote the recognition of non-formal education

Development of measures for the use of sports as an educational tool for promoting social cohesion

Management of projects and programs for international mobility and training


Education and youth sector

Education and youth sector

Development of programs and implementation of activities in the field of education and training of young people and adults.

Sports sector

Sports sector

Promotion of educational methods in which sport is used for educational purposes and to achieve social change.



Active work on the BestBonds project

There is active work going on among the Mundus Bulgaria team when it comes to the short-term and long-term activities …

The toolbox – The manual that changed the game in adult education, or Sport as a way of learning.

As previously mentioned, one of Mundus Bulgaria’s projects – the  Strategic partnership “Adult Education Through Sport (aETS)“ between Bulgaria, Poland, …

Adult education through Sport

An international meeting on the aETS (Adult Education Through Sport) project was held in Poland in September. The main emphasis …