Adult education through Sport – aETS

Adult education through Sport – aETS
An international meeting on the aETS (Adult Education Through Sport) project was held in Poland in September. Since the beginning of the project, the partners have been preparing exercises that include the use of the Learning through Sport methodology, in which sport is used as an educational approach. The exercises cover various topics such as tolerance, teamwork, elimination of prejudices and stereotypes, as well as social inclusion of various social groups.
The project partners are currently developing training materials that include the publication of a special textbook with information on the methodology and exercises used, which are suitable for working with target groups of all ages.
During the meeting in Poland, we have filmed video lessons in order to facilitate the use of the methodology and to illustrate the exercises presented in the textbook that is being prepared. The training materials will be available by the end of 2020 and will be uploaded on a specialized educational platform, created under the project.
Expect more information with the videos soon.
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