Young Entrepreneurs Guild YEG: how to be a successful entrepreneur

After the training in Sofia back in Autumn 2022, the team has been hard at work with integrating what we learned on how to start a business. We’re in the process of creating a training guide on youth entrepreneurship that is going to be passed along to youth workers and educators. 

In the guide, we will include topics on people management, leadership, sustainability, creativity, innovation, how to spot a business opportunity, and more. After the guide is made, Regionalne Centrum Wolontariatu and Mundus Bulgaria are going to be testing it out to ensure high practical quality. 

At the beginning of April, the consortium is meeting in Sassari, Italy, to discuss how to proceed with the final manual. The two-day meeting is going to be used for proper organisation and task assignment of partners, but also for going over the progress already made, and if there are any improvements to be implemented.


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