GREW: Second TMP and upcoming work for the consortium

The GREW project held its second Transnational Partner Meeting (TPM), where representatives from each partner organization gathered to discuss the progress of the Education through Sport methodology project, focused on engaging communities of ethnic minorities across Europe. 

Education Through Sport (ETS) is a powerful tool that can enhance community integration efforts. ETS has been successfully utilized to create social cohesion within multiethnic settings through the formation of strong interpersonal relationships built upon mutual respect and understanding. By implementing structured games and team challenges into cross-cultural communication initiatives, individuals form lasting connections based on common goals and successes. These experiences foster positive attitudes towards diversity while improving self-awareness and cultural competence among diverse populations.

The current objective of the project is to use non-formal education methods through exercises and activities promoting participation, community building, team work, and strategic thinking. All these will be incorporated in the Training Format that will be tested in a pilot phase by every partner in the consortium. After a successful first piloting by Mundus Bulgaria, valuable feedback was collected which will  improve the content of the final version of the  training format. This format features exercises balancing sportier elements with quieter, more reflective portions suitable for all physical ability levels. With further testing planned ahead, the next meeting of the consortium is the third TPM scheduled for October in Bari, Italy.


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