About us

Mundus Bulgaria Association, established in 2017, is a non-governmental organisation, part of the international network of Association Mundus, based in Spain. The main mission is to support the achievements in non-formal education, for which purpose joint activities are undertaken in the various sectors of the Erasmus + program, to expand partnerships and international cooperation with various institutions, especially in the field of youth. The organization prepares national and partners in international programs for social and professional integration of adolescents, as well as projects for people in need of social integration.

Sectors in which the organization operates:

  • Education and youth sector

Development of programs and implementation of activities in the field of education and training of young people and adults;

  • Sports sector

Promotion of educational methods in which sport is used for educational purposes and to achieve social change.


Business domains:

– Management of projects for international mobility and training;

– Development of training activities and programs in the field of non-formal education

– Development of measures for the use of sport as an educational tool to promote social cohesion

– Establish platforms for information exchange, cooperation and support to promote the recognition of non-formal education

The Team

Specialist in the field of strategic management of social enterprises, education through sport, human rights, entrepreneurship, etc., acquired through a Master’s degree from the University of Strasbourg, France, with additional training at the University of Bologna, Italy in, as well as numerous other training in different European countries.
Denitsa Andonova holds solid expertise in development and management of Erasmus+ international mobility projects and strategic cooperation actions within the fields of Vocational Education Training (VET), youth, adult and non-formal school education.
Ms Andonova is fluent in 3 foreign languages. She participates regularly in several online events and conferences, constantly extending her knowledge about the newest trends in educational sector, in Bulgaria and abroad.

Ms Kalibatseva is mainly involved in the administrative, financial and communication work of the team, which she has joined after participating in one-year volunteering program with the European Solidarity Corps in Italy. She has graduated from the “University of National and World Economy” in Bulgaria and participated in numerous trainings in different European countries within non-formal education and volunteering in the fields of education through sport, entrepreneurship, human rights etc.

Lili holds solid expertise in working with youth, developing training programs, as well as facilitating cooperation between teachers and school staff. In addition, she is participating regularly in training seminars and EU events, to enrich her expertise and improve her skills in the non-formal education sector. Ms Kalibatseva is fluent in 2 foreign languages and uses them regularly in her correspondence with partners.

Vesela Ilieva has a Master’s degree from the University of Salford, Manchester in Digital Marketing. Since then, she has been working in this field, constantly upgrading herself with additional courses and qualifications. She has experience in both Economy and Tourism, acquired through successfully completing a Bachelor’s degree at UNWE. Communicative, curious and always ready to take on a new challenge, Vesela joined the team of Horizont ProConsult first as a copywriter, and then started working as a Project Assistant. Vesela is fluent in English and German.

Reni has more than 20 years of previous experience in implementation of EU- funded projects and other international programmes. Previously worked as a Senior expert in the Municipal administration of the city, Service of Sustainable Development and European Integration, she was dealing with international cooperation and implementation of EU-funded projects. She has an experience as an international cooperation officer in Thrakia University, Stara Zagora.
Within Mundus Bulgaria, Reni Andonova performs mainly administrative tasks including translations of documents from 3 foreign languages and communication with partners.