At local and regional level, the association performs mainly information activities, related to the promotion of European programs aimed at youth and sports. Аt international level, it works on projects in the field of youth, sports and strategic cooperation, by developing educational resources useful for different age groups.

They are distinguished in the following areas:

Management of:

Projects for international mobility and training programs.

Support to:

Learners and young adults by developing programs for career orientation and labor market integration.

Development of:

Training activities and non formal education.

Promotion of:

Sport as an educational tool for promoting social cohesion and encouraging the better practice of physical activity among the population.

Encouragement of :

Volunteering as a tool for society development and achievement of economic growth.


Platforms for exchange of information, cooperation and support for fostering recognition of non formal education.

The main target group consists of youth workers, teachers and trainers, as well as sports coaches and people working in local sports clubs.


For young people, one of our main target audiences, this year we also offer internship programs – the best way to combine the taught theory with practice in a real work environment. In this way, the transition from education to professional realization is achieved smoothly and naturally, leaving students confident that they can cope with any challenge.