AETS – Adult Education Through Sport is a project that aims to create tools (including Virtual Reality Videos) instructing how to use Education Through Sport in Adult Education.

In this project we are striving to fill in the gap between the formal and non-formal educational sector, particularly by using sport as a tool for educating people, motivating them to better take part in civic life and non-formal activities. Moreover, the project focuses on fostering pro-active and responsible civic attitude of adults e mainly of those with fewer opportunities.

The project pursues the following specific objectives:

  • building up competences of non formal adult education practitioners using Education through sport (ETS) methodology and sharing best practices of using sport in adult education
  • exploring the ETS methodology in terms of practical examples, promoting and improving its use in AE all around Europe
  • developing relevant innovative outputs referring to the ETS methodology and enrich the range of already existing ones
  • enabling the participants of the project, to act as multipliers of ETS approach within their local communities and thus foster its use around Europe and the world
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