Thanks to the "BestBonds - extending the competences of adult educators" we are going to better and improve the European reality.

Thanks to the “BestBonds – extending the competences of adult educators” we are going to better and improve the European reality. We trust in the impact on both adult educational and social systems in each of the various dimensions and on each of the mentioned levels.
The project will tackle the most pressing, emerging issues, which partners, adult educators, observe in their daily work with adult learners, coming from many different cultural, linguistic and religious backgrounds. These issues are concerning the educators and learners in many ways, and since the teaching-learning process requires both to be active and present, both are the target of this project.
Only thanks to the partnerships we exchange knowledge and experience through can we assure the highest level of quality of inclusive teaching and the best care we can offer our learners.
We plan to conduct 4 short-term mobilities:
1. The role of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in adult education, activation of language skills and international culture.
2. Education of adults and professional integration of migrants and national minorities.
3. Activation of adults with low competences, including language skills, to undertake the process of professional activation.
4. Transnational competences as a key catalyst for an intercultural adult curriculum.

The projected, tangible results are, as follows:
1. An online learning space, for all future learning purposes, for both the educators and learners to use.
2. A set of guidelines, intellectually and methodologically valid in accordance with the need of educators and learners.
3. An inclusive teacher’s profile.
4. A toolbox for all the lesson plans and scenarios.

The example of the intangible results this project expects to achieve are:
1. A good practice network.
2. Exchanging and gaining knowledge through international bonds.
3. Improving the sets of offered services by all partner organizations.
4. Being able to pinpoint all of the strong and weak suits of given national formal education systems.

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