The aim of the Building Healthy Communities, Changing Opportunities project is to promote voluntary activities in sport, together with social inclusion and equal opportunities through increased participation and equal access to sport for all.

Within the project were organized local presentations, workshops and awareness-raising actions, led by partner organizations and the teams of local delegates, in view of involving the local youth populations and youngsters with fewer opportunities in sport activities and in lifelong learning processes. There is documentation of the implemented local activities, as well as a publication of the best practices, that shall serve to fellow structures and educational practitioners willing to expand their competences for promoting sport and volunteering across Europe.

The partners in the project were able to achieve stronger involvement on local level for promoting volunteering and the use of sport for work with young people. They were able to put in practice ETS methodology for work with youth, so to strengthen youth participation, volunteering in sports and sport as a tool for achieving social change. Amount the participants was results were increased level of competences for promoting the sporting culture, ETS and active involvement in sports while working with youth. They have higher abilities to perform in the sport and youth field thanks to understanding of ETS Methodology as well as better awareness of the use of sports as tools for achieving life changes and sustainable social transformations such as healthy behaviour, youth participation, etc.

Overall, based on the project we met our goals of better involvement of young people in sport activities and promotion of sports culture. The increased physical activeness and frequent sport practice, thus healthy behaviours thanks to stronger participation in sports and better engagement of young people in community actions related to sports.

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