Why game-based learning?

Game-based learning is an educational approach that incorporates elements of gameplay, such as rules, goals, challenges, and rewards, to enhance the learning experience. It is a form of experiential learning that enables students to actively participate in the learning process, make decisions, and receive feedback on their performance.

One of the reasons game-based learning is engaging is that it leverages the motivational power of games. Games are inherently engaging and provide players with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction when they achieve their goals. By integrating these elements into the learning experience, game-based learning makes the process more fun and rewarding for students.

Additionally, game-based learning can provide a safe and immersive environment for students to experiment with new ideas and concepts. By allowing students to make mistakes and learn from them without fear of negative consequences, games can help build confidence and encourage exploration.

Overall, game-based learning is an effective approach to education that can make learning more engaging, interactive, and enjoyable for students. We wanted to take this approach in You(th) Play, because we care about making learning enjoyable and retaining knowledge. Our game Virtual Planet will be available both in physical form and online!


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