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The first training in the project BestBonds-extension of the competencies of adult educators was carried out (2020-1-PL01-KA204-081837). The theme was “Helping adults with low competences and language skills to advance the professional development process”.

The meeting took place in Rijeka, Croatia, organized by Adult Education Institution Dante. Participants were staff and teachers involved in teaching adults with a special focus on teaching a foreign language to adults in order to encourage their opportunities to become more competent in the labor market.

They discussed topics such as methods used in teaching a foreign language to adults, strategies for teaching in a multicultural environment, digital tools and digital literacy for adult learners, learning styles and others.

The aim of this training activity was achieved by developing the skills and competencies of the participants related to intercultural education, teaching languages ​​for adults face to face and the digital environment. With special emphasis on the connection between foreign languages ​​and the labor market.

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