Learning, Teaching and Training Activity in Greece

Next meeting part of project BestBonds-extension of the competencies of adult educators (2020-1-PL01-KA204-081837) is under the topic of Education of adults and professional integration of migrants and national minorities. The meeting will take place in Athens, Greece 8-12 November 2021.

The integration of migrants and refugees is a long process and consists of a lot of parameters. It is widely acknowledged that the first step for the integration of migrants and refugees is the learning of the language of the receiving society. After that, other important information that the refugees and migrants must get are the institutional framework in the receiving country and the responsibilities of national and local authorities, the integration policy measures, the civic orientation measures, the labor market, the access in vocational training, etc.

The cultural training provides to the migrants and refugees a more comprehensive knowledge of each host country culture and includes current popular culture, sub-cultures within countries as well as a history of the main cultural artifacts, customs and traditions of the country, lifestyle, gestures, art, etc


  • Concepts of migrants and refugees integration
  • Integration policy measures of the host society
  • Education/training in the host society
  • The labor market in the host society
  • Civic orientation measures
  • Cultural learning


More information: https://www.bestbonds.eu/ltta/ltta-greece/


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