Sport for Refugees

Project: Sport for Refugees
Number: 2022-1-NL02-KA210-YOU-000082696
Sector: Youth

Duration: 1/11/2022 - 01/05/2024


Aim of the Project: 

The project is focused on creating opportunities for refugees and individuals with a migrant background in order to promote inclusion and active participation among young people. The main approach is using sport as a way to foster connection, personal development and ultimately community empowerment. The project will result in a training course for professional youth workers that identifies challenges for the target group and introduces their potential solutions. 



  • A training course aimed at youth workers to support their professional skills in working with refugees and individuals from a migrant background. 
  • Regular sporting events for participants on local level that enhance community cohesion especially for refugees and migrants. 
  • Each partner on the project will share expertise on the topic through transnational meetings and deepen the level of cooperation 



  1. Sportief Besteed Groep – The Netherlands 
  2. Mundus Bulgaria – Bulgaria 
  3. Liceul cu Program Sportiv Suceava – Romania
  4. L’Orma Societa Sportiva Dilettantistica a Responsabilita Limitata – Italy

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