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Association Mundus Bulgaria has been created in 2017 as for idea of expansion of the international network of Association Mundus based in Spain.

THE MAIN SCOPE OF MUNDUS BULGARIA IS THE EXCELLENCE IN NON FORMAL EDUCATION. THE ORGANIZATION WORKS FOR the preparation of programs for social and professional integration of individuals, young adults, as well as those at risk of social exclusion.

The association works to support the development and promotion of valuable cultural and sport programs for youth and adults, support the implementation of international educational programs, preparation and management of projects fotr international learning mobility, etc.

The organization promotes and supports the sport and volunteering movements and is aimed at strengthening the spirit of cooperation among nations.

Mundus Bulgaria works to

  • To manage projects for international mobility and training programs
  • To support learners and especially to young adults by developing programs for career orientation and labor market integration
  • To develop and promote training activities and non formal education
  • To promote sporting values and encourage the better practice of physical activity among the population
  • To develop measures for the use of sport as educational tool for promoting social cohesion
  • To promote volunteering as a tool for society development and achievement of economic growth
  • To create platforms for exchange of information, cooperation and support for fostering recognition of non formal education

Association Mundus Bulgaria has a highly competent team possessing advanced experience in terms of management of international cross-sectorial projects, as well as projects aimed at promoting sport, entrepreneurship, employability and international mobility. Mundus Bulgaria possesses also in delivering experience in delivering of non-formal educational activities in the provision of trainings on the topic of social entrepreneurship. The team is competent particularly in the use of Education Through Sport methodology, which applies sport practices for enhancing life competences of individuals.

Main Activities

Education and training sector

Mundus Bulgaria operates as an educational provider within the education, training and youth fields. The organization elaborates training programs and learning plans, as well supports the implementation of vocational education and work – based learning practices in Europe.

Sport sector

The team of Mundus Bulgaria is composed of experts using sport as tool for educational purposes and for achieving social change. A big part of the work of the association is focused on the development of educational materials promoting such methodologies across Europe.



The aim of the Building Healthy Communities, Changing Opportunities project is to promote voluntary activities in sport, together with social inclusion and equal opportunities through increased…


AETS – Adult Education Through Sport is a project that aims to create tools (including Virtual Reality Videos) instructing how to use Education Through Sport in Adult Education.

Mind the gap
Mind the gap

The idea of this project was to support disadvantaged youngsters and NEETs transition to career paths whether through further education or through work based learning opportunities.



Denitsa Andonova
Head of the team
Lili Kalibatseva
Project Assistant
Reni Andonova
Administrative assistant

Contact Us


Rayna Knyaginya Str.,  №2,
600 Stara Zagora,

Phone: +359 886168008
Facebook: Association Mundus Bulgaria

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