The toolbox – The manual that changed the game in adult education, or Sport as a way of learning.

As previously mentioned, one of Mundus Bulgaria’s projects – the  Strategic partnership “Adult Education Through Sport (aETS)“ between Bulgaria, Poland, UK and Italy, has published its first manual, which main goals are:

  • To outline the practical approach – tools and materials, in which sport can be integrated in the daily education of adults in different sports organisations;
  • To present the advantages and better results of such informal educational approach over the traditional ones;
  • To show a step-by-step detailed exercised that can be taught to adults, teenagers and even children as a way of learning;
  • To promote the overall non-formal education in Europe and beyond.

Thanks to the so-called “Appreciative Inquiry (AI)”, adults are motivated to learn in the process, not through results. The individual strengths are promoted in the team and organisation, thanks to sport activities, in a friendly, non-competitive way. It is a method to integrate disabled members of the community as well. The main ideas behind this methodology are:

  • Education through sport is education in the first instance
  • Reflection is an inevitable and essential part of the learning process
  • aETS respects values of sports as well as non-formal education and lifelong learning

The manual shows 12 detailed exercises, which are easy to follow and applicable in the process of learning.

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