Active work on the BestBonds project

There is active work going on among the Mundus Bulgaria team when it comes to the short-term and long-term activities on the Strategic partnership for adult education project – BestBonds, number 2020-1-PL01-KA204-081837. Its main mission is to broaden the competencies among the teachers of adult learners.

As you know, a goal so important cannot be postponed even during the pandemic. This is why during the past couple of months, the bulgarian organisation took part in the regular meetings with the other project partners. Online, of course.

When it comes to our duties, the highest priority one was the building of the project’s website that can help in better visualising the activities, ideas and partnerships in BestBonds. It is now ready and you can follow the latest activities on the project there and on the official website of Mundus Bulgaria.

Stay safe!


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