The intellectual result of the project DiscVET

The project entitled: “Development of the Digital Sovereignty Competences of VET teachers and trainers” (DiscVET) number: 2020 – 1 – DE02 – KA226 – VET – 008261, aimed at stimulating the knowledge and skills of those employed in the education sector on cyber  security and their digital competence, found material expression through the presented framework for competences for digital sovereignty. In the conditions of the global health crisis, preconditions have emerged for the transformation of typical classrooms into online ones.There are many frameworks describing certain competencies, guided by stated goals and solutions that are needed to overcome existing specific problem situations.

In accordance with our project and its implementation, we analyzed 5 systems that meet to some extent the goals and strategies that we focused on in the process of its implementation. The result of our targeted actions is the completed “Digital Sovereignty Competence Framework for VET Teachers / Trainers”. Borrowing individual elements from the “e-Competence Framework” (e-CF) and “Digital Competence Framework 2” (DigiComp2), and skillfully combining them into one ultimate information resource, it summarizes the abilities and competencies of the representatives of three groups of professions (Vocational Teacher, Further education teacher, Education Methods Specialist) affected in the education system must have, together with the need and criteria for the creation, organization, management and sharing of digital resources in the online learning space. Digitization and development of education are two interrelated processes that all participants in intellectual activity must strive for, thus improving their own knowledge and skills to be as useful, safe and satisfying as possible the end result.


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