Second Transnational Meeting for the project Sport and NFE

The Second Transnational Meeting for the project Sport and NFE was held in Portugal, Mirandela on the 4th and 5th of April and it was held by the partner association Associacao Deportiva Cultural e Social de Carvalhais. There were 14 participants coming from all partner countries.

The project aims to encourage PE teachers, trainers, youth workers and social workers to use NFE methods, specifically in the field of sports. Therefore, this project seeks to empower stakeholders to use NFE in sports by providing them with precise, clear and practical content on how to successfully apply our methodology. The participants in this project will also have the opportunity to undergo on-site local trainings in each partner country.

There has already been created a training module that includes 7 micro trainings the provide stakeholders with the necessary information on how to use NFE in sports, a booklet with practical exercises and games to be applied with the methodologies and in this meeting we managed to discuss how to best put all content on the digital platform.

By the end of these two days of meetings, we were able to come up with a plan on how to better combine our competences, so that all three of the intellectual outputs can be constructively revised by each partner and everyone could give their input on how to optimize their efficiency. Clear deadlines were set and a concrete plan for the creation of our last and most important output: the platform of contents was finalized.

This meeting was very fruitful for the partners, as we were able to discuss and evaluate in group the work that has already been done and continues to be done.


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