Kick off Meeting Youth Play

On 21st of October the start of the project Youth Play was given in Sofia, Bulgaria.The project is about environmental awareness. It is addressing the Youth field, but it does not exclude the tool being useful in other fields. Youth Play  is very relevant and important for schools – this will be a great tool to be promoted in entities like this, because they don’t have access to such education, or it is not adequate. During the meeting the project and its aims were explained in great details. All the intellectual outputs and their achievements were commented on.

VIRTUAL PLANET is going to be the most important tangible result.Actually it will be a whole virtual game. The idea in the end is to create a virtual space where, through playing, students will find out what’s good and bad for the environment. If they do the correct things for the environment, the virtual planet will be greener etc., if they do the wrong things, the planet will be grey and start dying.

Partners agreed on the following objectives:

-To enhance the capacity of our organizations to use more modern solutions to promote education and training.

– To have impact on the education of youth in the future

-To create high quality content.If the problem is tackled through something that is catchy and more attractive as a solution, the better the interest will be in the topic itself.

The project will be done by a group of very professional project partners. This is the first time for Mundus Bulgaria in terms of making a game-based tool and we are very excited to work on it. We believe that the people having more expertise will be of great importance, and we are counting on the exchange of expertise and good practices.


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