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Third Transnational Meeting for Sport & NFE in Germany

The third transnational meeting for the Sport & NFE project took place in Cologne, Germany between November 22nd and 25th. It focused on the activities to date, as well as the upcoming international conference “Education and Sport”, which will be held in Sofia, Bulgaria in May 2023.

“Sport and NFE” project  is an initiative that seeks to identify and overcome the challenges associated with a sedentary lifestyle as well as a decreasing interest in sport and physical activity through educational approaches. The project utilises sport as an educational tool.

Special attention in the initiative was aimed at developing the knowledge, skills and capacity of coaches, physical education and sports teachers and other sports and educational professionals, as well as supporting the adoption of European Guidelines for Dual Career in Sports. On behalf of the Association for the Development of Bulgarian Sports, Joanna Dochevska and Dr. Ivelina Kirilova took part in the meeting.

The objectives of the project are:

  • To create an empowering environment for PE teachers/sports personnel and enable them to understand the concept of Non-Formal Education (NFO), making them more competent and confident, in applying the Learning through Sport methodology (CSO);
  • To create opportunities for target groups to experience non-formal learning using sport as a learning tool;
  • Serve as a bridge between formal education, non-governmental and sports sectors, contributing to the creation of long-term multi-level and cross-sectoral networks of cooperation;
  • To build the necessary qualities and skills in sports coaches and teachers and sports specialists to become leaders in projects using NFO and OCS as a complementary educational tool to stimulate participation in sports, education and physical activity;
  • To promote cooperation for knowledge exchange and capacity development in areas such as education, training and sports sector between schools, sports clubs and NGOs.

The “Sport & NFE” project is co-financed under the Erasmus+ program of the European Commission and is coordinated by Mundus Bulgaria.

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