Employ Me

Kick off meeting – Employ Me

At the beginning of December, we travelled to Prague in order to officially begin working on the Employ Me project. Although our consortium represents many different countries – Spain, Lithuania, Greece, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Belgium, and Bulgaria – all partners noted the exclusion of migrants in our communities is persistent. For this reason, the project aims to support second generation migrants in finding employment for greater social inclusion.  The focus would be on compiling a toolkit of educational resources for migrants and ensuring online access to interactive training modules for youth workers.

During the meeting we discussed the target groups, task allocations, the general overview of the project’s lifespan, and other relevant information. Impact-wise, the most important output of all will be the toolkit we’ll provide for youth workers and educators. It will include the whole information toolkit for migrants (which will be made first), along with all the information about how to implement it. It will also document how our implementation has gone and what impact it has brought about which aims to extend the benefits of the project beyond its lifetime.

Mundus Bulgaria’s main role  will be to create a handbook for the educational toolkit targeted at second generation migrants themselves, so it’s clear how to use it and what learning outcomes could be achieved. This handbook – along with the toolkit – will be published on our website and will be made accessible to everyone.

We believe that this project will bring an impact to Europe’s second  generation of migrants and contribute to creating a supportive network within communities!


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