What’s to come: Second Intellectual Output of the Alliance for Green Entrepreneurship

Based on the result of Intellectual Output 1 (IO1) – The Report on Green Entrepreneurship – the partnership moved on to working on the production of the second output, which will be a cluster of training material and learning content for adult learners. 

This educational training aims to inform and guide business owners and entrepreneurs into the new circular economy model. 

The modules are divided as follows:

  1. The legal state of art and procedures available for integrating the green economy sector.
  2. How is green entrepreneurship and education on sustainability implemented across Europe? 
  3. Entrepreneurship and eco innovation: network and new eco business models.
  4. Tools for effective initiation of green business solutions, implementation of eco innovation for community development and creation of sustainable economic growth.
  5. Impact investing and project financing.
  6. PPP – Public Private Partnerships.

Mundus Bulgaria is leading the production of IO 2 with a summary of the legal state of art in the green economy sector across the European Union, with a focus on all countries from the partnership.

The overall aim of this output is to prepare the material for an Open-End Resource, that will make this training course accessible to anyone.


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