What we achieved in 2022

Last year was very productive for Mundus Bulgaria and marked a new peak in project management and activities. The outlook for 2023 is for further growth. 

We began nine new projects with a big emphasis on Sport and using Education Through Sport methodology (ETS) to promote social inclusion. Mundus has laid the foundation for promoting non-formal education through ETS and simultaneously engaging a wide array of target groups which are often at risk of discrimination and social isolation. In the next few years we are going to be working for better job opportunities for women in sport, pathways for social integration of refugees and migrants, enhancing volunteering in sport and creating a plethora of educational resources and platforms that support youth workers and the communities they engage with. 

Mundus is deepening its experience in sustainable development by growing the number of projects focused on bringing about the green mindset, an understanding for the circular economy and the ways this plays out in entrepreneurship. For this, Mundus has carried out LTTAs (Learning Teaching Training Activities), local events and popularised online resources that serve an educational purpose. 

We are very proud to share that in 2022  Mundus Bulgaria was awarded the Erasmus Youth accreditation. We will be carrying out an increased amount of trainings and mobilities on different topics aiming to support the personal and professional development of youth. 

We are kicking-off even more projects in 2023 and we are expanding capacity through growing our team of project managers as well as our network of national and international partners.

New projects in 2022

  1. vETS LAB – Virtual Education through Sport Laboratory 
  2. Volunteering in Sport 
  3. The Young Entrepreneurs Guild 
  4. FAMS – Fostering Female Management Leaders in Sport 
  5. You(th) Play 
  6. Sport for Refugees 
  7. Humanity 
  8. Employ Me 
  9. GREW 
  10. AduGames

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