Project Kick-off Meeting: Humanity

January 2023 markеd the kick-off of our new Youth project – Humanity. 

The project addresses the need for action in regards to youth’s mental health; studies show that in recent years there has been a spike in anxiety and depression tendencies in teenagers. One thing we can do is educate them about emotional intelligence and help them to develop coping skills as well as the right tools and methods to deal with their emotions going forward.


Firstly, research will be carried out on the current knowledge on the topic and existing level of self-awareness in young people. After gaining an understanding of those topics, the partners will move on to creating a course for youth educators which will be used when introducing their students to emotional intelligence. The aim is to make the course accessible to schools in all partner countries to reach maximum impact and have an effect on students’ lives. 


Mundus Bulgaria is responsible for the 3rd work package: designing the curriculum and we’re excited to take part in such an important project, and to have our share in shaping young people’s emotional wellbeing!


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