How is sport and non-formal education connected?

We are almost at the end of our Sport&NFE project, which means that we can finally present some tangible results. 

We present you with a self-learning course on educating through sport, that is available for anyone on the website of the project: 

The course is designed for teachers, coaches, youth workers and youth leaders, but we encourage anyone who’s curious to take a look. The content describes the connection between sport and non-formal education, starting from introducing the concept of non-formal education, and finishing with practical tips on how to guide reflection and learning in sport. 

At the end of the module, you can find case studies to prepare you for various situations, as well as a quiz to test the knowledge that you gained.

You can also find a video at the end of the module, where we gathered professionals from partner countries to talk about the subject at hand. 

Another result we are proud to present is the handbook we put together. Inside the book you can find the concept of Education through Sport explained, and many practical tips in the form of games that you can apply with your students. The games are divided by their purpose – you can find games promoting teamwork and cooperation, ethics, inclusion, creative thinking, planning, and many more.

The handbook is available to acquire upon contacting us, or your local partner from our consortium.


We will be finishing the project with the upcoming international conference “Education and Sport” held in Sofia, in May 2023.


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