Sport & NFE Final Conference in May 2023

We are at the final stretch before officially ending the Sport & NFE project with a Sports Conference.

The conference will be kicked-off by Joanna Dochevska – a representative of the Bulgarian Sports Development Association with over 20 years of experience in the volunteering sector. Joanna has been working to improve access to sport for youth at risk of social isolation and advocating for volunteers’s rights. Her insight was instrumental to the success of the Sport & NFE project on a local level. 

The Sport Conference aims to gather different stakeholders in the sports sector and present the project results of Sport & NFE. Through this project we managed to improve cooperation between different sectors in the sport and provided a number of practical resources boosting non-formal education through “Education Through Sport” methodology (ETS). In this way we improved access to innovative practices for sport coaches, PE teachers and other sports staff. With the final conference, we are aiming to consolidate cooperation and awareness for non-formal education and ETS.

If you are a youth worker, PE teacher, sport coach or simply interested in the potential of non-formal education and ETS, you are welcome to attend. 

All available here on the project’s platform 

If you are interested in attending please register here.


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