AduGames Second Transnational Meeting or How to Create a Game

As the timeline for this project is nearing its end, the consortium of partners on AduGames met in Sofia, Bulgaria to discuss the important outstanding tasks to be completed. The main topic of the work-day was how to create an entertaining game for grown-ups that also serves as a tool for learning. After an initial discussion on the level of complexity suitable for adults and clarification of the criteria set out by the project, the team bounced around some good ideas that lay the foundation for both the board and the card games. 


Once the groundwork was completed, the team engaged in productive brainstorming using props at Mundus’s office like a deck of cards, coloured post-it notes and some inspiration online. By the end of the meeting, we had produced categories for the games together with examples and levels of challenges that would be suitable for keeping adults engaged. The main crux of creating the games was to incorporate the “learning to learn” element of the project, which was a challenging task when partners attempted to interpret it by themselves. Thanks to gathering together in Sofia for a second transnational meeting, however, the team quickly found an understanding for aims and desired results of the games. It was also very important to agree on a common idea for the learning tiers demanded by grown-up individuals so that the games are fun but also serve their purpose as a learning tool.


All in all, the second international meeting for AduGames was very productive and marks a significant progress in the work on the project. We all excited to share the tangible results soon!


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