DECIDE: Young people in the labor market

Young people need knowledge, tools and good practice examples on how to take action, support and analyze their added value and future potential. 

The project DECIDE started with the participation of Mundus Bulgaria aimed at young people learning how to apply existing and needed competencies to be competitive in the fast-changing and demanding labour market that is becoming more and more digitalized, interdisciplinary and sustainable-innovative driven. The gain of such competencies is still not recognized or implemented throughout the formal educational system, therefore young people need to get in touch with the future job trends in another way: via self-evaluating themselves, using multicriteria tools and linking their competencies to the labour market needs.

Moreover, DECIDE partners will carry out a rapid review of the future job profile opportunities to show youth how to recognize their long-term potential and become more aware of them. 

Stay tuned for more information about the activities of the project and results!


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