FAMS: Research Committee Meeting to kick-start the Training Format aimed at potential female leaders

This week, members of the Research Committee participated in an online meeting discussing the kickoff of the next work package for the FAMS project funded by Erasmus+. The primary objective of this work package is to develop a cutting-edge training format comprising seven distinctive modules intended to enhance women’s capacity building in various sport management roles. The topics will cover but will not be limited to marketing, sponsorship and sales, finances, coach development and social responsibilities. These training modules are set to equip participants with essential skills tailored towards assisting them in navigating numerous sport scenarios while also fostering self-reliance in decision-making processes related to personal career growth. 

During the webinar session, committee members debated specific strategies for shaping the contents and overall design of each individual module. Ensuring seamless integration between content areas emerged as one crucial aspect of discussion among those in attendance.

Furthermore, the online meeting marked the start of a fresh chapter for FAMS with its latest work package centered on cultivating the potential of female athletes participating in sports governmental and organizational structures. A central component of this novel project endeavour entails testing the effectiveness of these training formats via multinational mobility events involving 15 selected participants from each country involved in the FAMS consortium. The ultimate goal is to furnish valuable tools and practical insights adaptable for use in the course of their professional journeys while ensuring the durable impact of the FAMS venture.


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