You(th) Play: Virtual Planet is live!

When was the last time you played a game that was fun, educational, and inspirational?

With Virtual Planet, you get all three perks! You’ll experience the benefits of game-based learning while discovering the environmental impact of your daily habits, lifestyle, and the choices you make every day. This game will motivate you to be part of the change for a more sustainable and eco-friendly future!

The good news is that the online version of Virtual Planet is already out and about! 

Play the game now!

More about Virtual Planet

This isn’t your typical online game. It’s a forward-thinking initiative designed to leverage the potential of game-based learning, empowering both young individuals and educators with vital insights into environmental conservation and the battle against climate change. 

At the core of this virtual gaming experience lies a dynamic gameplay that prompts participants to engage in critical thinking regarding their environmental footprint. Throughout the game, players embark on a quest, confronting a series of thought-provoking questions that compel them to make choices capable of influencing the environment either positively or negatively. With each decision they make, players gain valuable insights into the repercussions of their actions, making this game an impactful educational tool.

Virtual Planet consists of 6 categories featuring Tourism. Ecology and Ecosystems, Green Technologies, Low Waste and Individual/Collective Action, Plastic and Proper Waste Management, Responsible Consumption and Production. 

You can start playing from the category that best aligns with your interests or immerse yourself in the full game! To make it even more challenging pick the “Beat the Clock Mode” and show your best while racing against time! 

Your score will be recorded on the leaderboard for you to stay on top of your educational progress!

*The game will be available in  Bulgarian, Greek, French, Spanish, and Polish.

There is more!

We have also designed a Board Game version where participants advance on the board using dice and game pieces. The objective is to be the first to accumulate 50 points by progressing through the game. There’s no set time limit. When a player lands on specific categories, they respond to a question from that category, and another player verifies the answer by scanning the QR code displayed on the card.

We want to get everyone involved. 

For this reason, the physical game will be distributed in schools, youth centers, and other educational institutions. The online game will be available at any time and for everyone with an Internet connection!


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