vETS Lab: Video Manual

After a busy summer, we are proud to present the vETS Lab Video Manual! The videos serve as examples of how Education through Sport can fit in with digital tools. The manual is created for all sports professionals who struggle with creating engaging exercises for their students – both online and offline, as some of the exercises are versatile in this way. 

In the Manual (available on the project’s YouTube channel: Erasmus VetsLab), you can find six videos:

  1. Go for goals – an exercise teaching about SMART goals, persistence, and motivation.
  2. Pushing for time – a competition between teams, where members of each team have to strategize and work together to gain the most amount of points.
  3. iSport challenge – a longer term challenge meant to teach students about community and persistence. 
  4. Chat challenge – an exercise that can be done anywhere, between any two individuals. The participants have to learn to rely on each other and work together to complete the challenge. 
  5. Let’s recycle – a lesson on how to combine green actions with physical activity with the help of technology.
  6. Values and competencies of sport – an informative video on how sport can influence your personal growth.

Soon, we will be ready to show you the platform, where you will be able to find everything – a toolbox full of exercises, games, and resources about topics such as Sustainability, Teamwork, Social Inclusion, Leadership, and more; the video manual already available on YouTube, and all information related to the project and its objectives.

For now, check out our YouTube channel, Erasmus VetsLab!


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