HUMANITY: Transnational Meeting in Prague – Building Paths Towards Better Emotional Intelligence Skills in Youth

Partnering organizations of the HUMANITY project recently convened for the latest Transnational Meeting (TPM) in Prague, Czech Republic. Significant milestones achieved since the project’s inception were highlighted during this meeting, and new goals were established for the upcoming stages. 

One of the important milestones is the Transnational Report on mental health and coping mechanisms in youth conducted in all partnering countries – Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Turkey, Italy, Lithuania, and Germany. Very soon it will be published in all respective languages including English to shed more light on this urgent topic affecting young people in every European country. 

Next on the agenda is the completion of the educational materials the consortium is creating for youth workers and educators interested in Emotional intelligence. They will be able to use this manual to foster Emotional intelligence skills in youth to help them better understand and manage their inner emotional worlds and prepare for the diverse life challenges, especially in the work environment. The different topics will span across 4 main chapters: Self-awareness, Self-management, Social awareness and Social management. 

The cherry on top will a 5-day educational course on building Emotional Intelligence skills in youth that will take place in September in Lithuania. 

The HUMANITY project focuses on addressing rising youth anxiety, depression, and suicide rates by prioritizing mental health through educational initiatives on emotional intelligence. It aims to equip young people with emotional skills, distributed through materials accessible to youth workers. By enhancing emotional intelligence, the project not only aims to improve immediate mental well-being but also anticipates increased youth employability. By providing tools for personal development, the project seeks to bolster confidence, thereby enhancing their prospects in the job market.


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