Project: Humanity
Number: KA220-YOU-29D47676
Sector: Youth

Duration: 01/10/2022 - 30/09/2024

Aim of the project:

The project’s aim is to combat the spike in youth anxiety, depression, and suicide by creating a space for young people where their mental health is prioritised. We want to achieve that through educating Youth on emotional intelligence, in turn helping them develop their own emotional skills. The materials produced in this project will be distributed and available to youth workers, who play a crucial role in the process of delivering the educational programme to our target group.
By increasing young people’s emotional skills we aim to not only prioritise their mental wellbeing in the current moment, but we foresee a raise in the employability of Youth; we hope that by giving them the right tools for personal development, they will be able to enter the job market with more confidence, thus increasing their advantage of getting a job.



  • Creating a web platform with interactive training modules for teachers.
  • Creating a curriculum with 30 lessons focusing on self-awareness, social awareness, self management, and social management.
  • Creating a workbook to be distributed to partner entities.
  • A training for staff and facilitators’ professional development.
  • Multiplier event in each of the partner’s countries.


  • System Dynamics Italian Chapter (IT)
  • Asociacija Aktyvistai (LT)
  • NGO Nest Berlin EV (DE)
  • Mundus Bulgaria (BG)
  • Kadin ve Genc Girisim Merkezi Dernegi - Woman and Young Entrepreneurship Centre Association (TR)

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