We Sport

Project: We Sport
Number: ERASMUS-SPORT-2022-SSCP-101090554
Sector: Sport

Duration: 01/02/2023 - 31/01/2025


Aim of the project

Research suggests gender identity serves as a lever for discrimination and racism in sports. Contrary to sports values of respect, inclusivity and fair play, there are institutional challenges (be it governmental or media related) that reinforce stereotypical gender roles and thus challenge a high percentage of LGBTQIA+ people to participate in Sports. We Sport is a project that will address the need for social change in this context by engaging with micro-realities on local community level, sport clubs and other sport organizations. This will be done by initiating an educational process and engaging leaders in sport - coaches, teachers, educators. 



  • Each partner will form a group of 3 Sport coaches and 3 Teachers from local sport clubs and schools that will participate in round table discussions centred around gender and sport in selected micro-realities.
  • The results from the series of round tables will be used to create a Toolkit based on ETS (Education through sport) methodology and workshops promoting gender inclusivity and breaking down gender stereotypes. 
  • The Toolkit will be used in Training Sessions organised by each partner in their country and together with their groups of Sport coaches and teachers. Following the Training Sessions, the coaches and teachers will be able to replicate the workshops with athletes and students at the organisations they represent (6 local programmes to be implemented in each country). 
  • After carrying out the local programmes the Sport coaches and teachers together with their organisations and athletes/students will carry on with raising awareness in the community through an event that shows the work and progress done through We Sport


Expected results 

  • Raise awareness regarding gender identity stereotypes in Sports.
  • Fight racism and gender-based discrimination in Sports and by extension its social consequences.
  • Promote the concept “Sport has no gender” to help more participation in sports without fear of being labelled, judged or discriminated against. 


  • ASD Handball Conversano Femminile 2018 – Italy
  • Mine Vaganti NGO - Sassari, Italy
  • ADEL SLOVAKIA - Slovakia
  • MUNDUS BULGARIA - Bulgaria
  • Musicians Gymnastic Organization Panserraikos – Greece

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