Kick-off meeting and start of the project The Young Entrepreneurs Guild

The First Transnational Meeting for the project Young Entrepreneurs Guild was held in the capital of Poland, Warsaw, on the 27th of April, hosted by the coordinating organization Regional Volunteering Centre. Present were representatives of all partnering countries: MINE VAGANTI NGO from Italy, INNOVATION HIVE from Greece, CSI CENTER FOR SOCIAL INNOVATION LTD from Cyprus, ACCES from Romania, including Mundus from Bulgaria.

The project aims to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit within the youth by developing teaching materials, specific methodologies and workshops that can be used in education centers. Therefore, during the meeting the partners managed to set up proper deadlines and established the roles of each association regarding the creation of each of the three Intellectual Outputs.

In the following few months each of the partners will select a team of experts that will be responsible for leading a local research, contacting educational youth institutions and collecting information on what has already been done in the field of entrepreneurship. After that a learning module on entrepreneurship will be created, a booklet with practical exercises on entrepreneurial education and a platform where the young entrepreneurs can have free access to this information will be finalized as well.

Two learning mobilities are foreseen to take place by the end of the project, one will be hosted by Mundus in Sofia in the month of October and the second one will be held in Poland. These two mobilities will test the methodologies that will be developed throughout the project and will be a great way for youth workers and young people to up level their entrepreneurial spirit.

This meeting was very fruitful for the partners, as we were able to discuss and evaluate in group the work that is ahead of us and the importance of it for the European society.


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