DiscVET, Second transnational meeting and development of the online courses

On the 22nd of June was held the Third TPM for the Erasmus + project DiscVET, that Mundus Bulgaria is partnering in. The main purpose behind this project is the creation of a useful digital tool, through which VET teachers could easily find information and guidance on Digital Sovereignty, how to protect their personal data in the digital space and how to teach their students to also do so.

After this meeting we are ready to initiate our work on the second intellectual output, which is to create digital learning nuggets that are based on the concept of “micro-learning”, delivered in multimedia format. The digital learning nuggets will include a variety of resources such as interactive games, podcasts, e-learning videos, interactive case studies, infographic resources, etc. The digital resources will be contextualized to each one of the key digital sovereignty competences, including: data protection, file types, conversion, storage, introduction to EU digital privacy laws, risk management, personal data, social media, algorithms, etc. All VET teachers interested in taking the course will be able to do so freely and online. After completing 80% of the learning materials, the participant will receive a Digital Certificate for attending.

Together with the learning nuggets, we are preparing simulation exercises that will be published on the platform and all materials will be translated to Bulgarian (also there will be versions in English, Greek, Italian, Slovenian and German). We are so excited to be providing a useful tool on digital sovereignty that will be easy to understand and to access by all VET teachers. Follow us to find out when the project results will be finalized and when you can access the online materials on our platform.


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