Best practices regarding emotional intelligence in Bulgaria

Have you ever wondered what Bulgarians are doing to develop emotional skills? Here are five best practices we found in our research for the Humanity project!


1. Sushtnost Foundation: Essence Process Bulgaria

The main focus of the organization is the inner world of humans, the emotions and experiences, soul-searchings and questions. Their work is based on the ideas of the systems approach and humanistic psychology. They combine these with contemporary research and approaches to human motivation and behaviour, addressing the belief systems that guide our lives and which are subject to awareness and change. Despite the increased movement towards individualism, belonging to a group and a community is something that makes most people feel comfortable in a more protected environment.

They organize meetings, events, educational programs for adults and youth, business seminars and team building through which we create an environment for growth, self-discovery and expression for individuals, groups and companies. Over 10,000 people of all ages, ethnicities, religions and status in society have participated in the seminars.

2. Teach for Bulgaria 

“Teach for Bulgaria” is already a well-established initiative in Bulgarian society, which attracts new participants every year. An equal chance for everyone to have the right to education, emotional support and knowledge at any level regardless of background. The program focuses not only on the professional and academic development of each individual engaged in their activities, but also with personal development and increasing our emotional intelligence, compliance and communication with people.

It is the only training and support programme for school teams in Bulgaria that promotes a holistic transformation of the learning process (management and teaching), putting the student at the centre. They bring together people from all over the country of different ethnicities, ages, races, showing them an equal chance for better education and acceptance of each.

3. Foundation for the development of Emotional Intelligence (FREI)

FOUNDATION FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE / FREI/ provides expertise in the field of emotional intelligence. The team of researchers, teachers of emotional intelligence, experts, carries out activities to promote, develop and validate the knowledge of emotional intelligence in Bulgaria and abroad. Emotional intelligence, as the science of understanding human emotions and emotional regulation processes, is related to perceptions of happiness, optimism, well-being, readiness to change, positive attitudes towards new business challenges, assertiveness, adaptability and professional engagement. Their mission is to support and promote the advancement of theory, research, and very broadly, the applicability of emotional intelligence in all social domains and professional practice.

They build EI (emotional intelligence) teaching methodology, training materials and instructions that will support the learning process and training providers in vocational training centers, social support centers, social enterprises, support business organizations or others, in the process of organizing and conducting trainings.

4. FUNtazia

FUNtazia is the first organization in Bulgaria that develops author’s materials in Bulgarian according to international scientifically-proven programs and methods for the development of social-emotional competences and EI (emotional intelligence) in children, with the aim of their use in Bulgarian nurseries, kindergartens, schools and families. Their mission in Bulgaria is to popularize the topic of emotional intelligence as a conscious responsibility towards Bulgarian children, directly related to improving their physical and emotional health, creating a better learning climate and developing them as individuals thanks to leaders in education and responsible parents. 

The team is working on original learning resources with the aim of imposing Social-Emotional Sciences in the educational system of Bulgaria. The “FUNTAZIA” method includes educational approaches to develop emotional intelligence and social skills in children from an early age with the help of parents, relatives, educators and others working in child development.

5. POP-UP festival 

POP-UP Festival is an international initiative that has been taking place for years in over 150 countries. On an international level, it is organized by “Six Seconds” – the first and largest international organization dedicated entirely to the development of Emotional Intelligence with over 65,000 members from all over the world. The festival is an international celebration of families with children around the world that aims to promote the important role of Emotional Intelligence (EI) in children’s development and growth.

In addition, the Festival is a useful and important initiative for teachers and professionals working with children. During the festival, children are united by a collection of fun and enjoyable learning activities (games, discussions, drawing, songs, dances) that help them learn more about emotions, their awareness, expression and regulation. 


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