Sport & NFE: Closing conference

On May 12th 2023, Mundus Bulgaria and BSDA (Bulgarian Sports Development Association) joined forces to organise a special event in the world of sport and non-formal education. We held a conference, where we invited international guests and speakers from the Sport & NFE partnership, as well as guests from local and governmental bodies from Bulgaria. 

At 9 am, we met in the House of Europe, and welcomed dozens of sports trainers, teachers, youth organisation representatives, and international partners. The conference was held in Bulgarian and English, with the help of a professional translator.
We began with introducing our hosts: Yoana Dochevska, chairperson of BSDA; Mihail Balabanov, executive director of HRDC (The Human Resource Development Centre); Prof. Krasimir Petkov, dean of the Sports faculty at the National Sports Academy; and Denitsa Andonova, chairperson of Mundus Bulgaria. 

After the introduction of the project by Mundus Bulgaria, we moved on to eye-opening topics including Erasmus+ opportunities and the future of artificial intelligence. After that, we gave the floor to our international guests to talk about their organisations and projects, to provide more awareness and examples of the possibilities and capacity in the sport and education sector. 

The conference finished with lunch and networking, where we had time to talk more to our guests who travelled from all over Bulgaria. 

The event was a success – participants were curious and engaged on how to implement the results of our project, as well as inspired to make changes in their own facilities (courtesy of all of our lovely speakers, talking about the future). This was the first conference of its kind, but there will be more to attend in the future!


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