How do I use virtual ETS?

Following the last article about the meeting in Kielce, we want to talk about our next steps in the project. 

In Kielce, the consortium and our participants worked together to create 6 videos. These videos serve as visual instructions for anyone who wants to get involved in virtual Education through Sport, but doesn’t know how. 

But what is virtual Education through Sport?

Virtual ETS refers to the use of digital technologies and online platforms to deliver educational programs that use sport and physical activity as a means to promote learning, personal development, and social inclusion. 

During the elaboration of the project, our partnership stood in front of a big challenge: how do you teach ETS virtually? Teaching sport may be an easier solution, but how to provide students with the soft skills that non-formal education offers, when they cannot be together?

In Kielce we gathered over 20 sport professionals, enthusiasts, and trainers to figure out how to solve this puzzle. At the beginning of the week, everybody was introduced to the concept of non-formal education and ETS. We defined what sport is, exchanged experiences of virtual physical activity (especially at the height of the pandemic), and got to work on ideas for the vETS Lab toolbox. 

Our main goal for the week was to have 6 videos on how to use virtual ETS. The participants were split into teams of 5 – all teams were mixed in nationality, in experience with physical activity, and in understanding of the subject. This unique mix proved to be a good match, as each team produced these videos in record time (somewhere between becoming film directors and jumping around on fields).

At the beginning of June, the consortium will meet again in Rome. The next step for vETS Lab is making a manual for trainers, sports teachers, and youth workers, on how to use ETS in a virtual setting – of course with examples.
The manual will serve as a treasure trove of knowledge on the subject, so educators can have all information on hand.

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