vETS Lab Update

This week the vETS Lab consortium is in Rome, Italy, to discuss the next steps for the project. We are sure this will be a fruitful meeting, motivating us to keep moving forward with this unique project. 

For now, we are proud to present the newsletter with updates on what we did in Kielce. We previously mentioned what we managed to achieve, but finally we can share some details on the instructional videos we created!

One of the scenarios you’ll be able to find in the toolkit is called “Go for goals”. This is an exercise that cultivates SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound) goal-setting, persistence, self-motivation, and self-assessment. This is a longer-term exercise, as the participants will need a couple of sessions to complete it.

The task is for participants to learn how to set SMART goals for themselves, in the context of physical activity. Each participant will measure their ability to do certain tasks like the amount of squats they can do, how far they can reach their toes, how many jumping jacks they can do, etc.; it is up to the trainer to choose the tasks. After that, the trainer will assess each person and prepare a goal for them to reach within 3 sessions (or lessons, if this is in the context of school). With the help of the trainer, the participant will have to plan out how they can reach that goal, ultimately engaging in a learning experience on how they can push themselves to achieve goals, stay motivated, and plan accordingly. This exercise can be done both online and offline.

This is only one of the exercises in the toolkit that’s going to be made for this project. More updates coming soon!

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