EmployMe: TPM in Brussels

On June 29th, the EmployMe consortium got together in Brussels, Belgium, to talk about our progress. 

EmployMe is a project targeting unemployment rates in migrant communities in Greece, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Belgium, Cyprus, Spain, and Czech Republic. The project aims to decrease the current rate by offering digital learning materials about employability skills. 

The project is moving along smoothly. So far, we have created short learning courses on 10 employability skills, which will be available on the website of the project: employ-me.eu

We are now moving on to creating a complementary guide for the employability toolkit, and most importantly – the translations. 

We want to make this material as accessible as possible to various target groups, so we understand that translation is very important in the case of our project. The toolkit is going to be available in 7 languages: English, Bulgarian, Lithuanian, Greek, French, Spanish, and Czech. To get frequent updates on the project, follow us on Facebook (Employ Me), or Instagram (@employme_project) and check out websitе of the project.


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