AduGames: Dissemination and wrap-up

In a recent dissemination event held in Bulgaria, the AduGames project marked a significant milestone in its concluding efforts to enhance adult education through gamification. The gathering brought together students from local universities, municipal representatives, and advocates of adult learning centres, creating a platform for sharing the project’s progress and results.

The event focused on showcasing the practical outcomes of the AduGames initiative. Participants had the chance to explore a custom-designed board game and card game, created to support adult educators in making learning a more engaging and enjoyable experience for their students. Additionally, attendees were introduced to a comprehensive manual that offers guidance on designing gamification methods for adult education. This manual is expected to become a valuable resource for educators and institutions looking to incorporate gamification into their teaching approaches. The collaboration between students, municipal representatives, and adult learning centres in Bulgaria underscores the project’s mission to foster cross-sectoral cooperation and promote the adoption of gamification in adult education. With this event, AduGames takes another step toward reshaping adult education in Europe and bridging the gap between educational institutions and those working on policy reforms in the field. The AduGames project achieved its objectives, inspiring innovation and excellence in adult education.


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