Volunteering in sport

Project: Volunteering in sport
Number: ERAUSMUS-SPORT-2021-SCP ERASMUS 2027 101050766

Dates: 01. 07.2022- 01.07.2024

About the Project:


The current project refers to the contribution of all participating organizations for promoting voluntary activities in sports and developing awareness towards such involvement. The following project objectives have been specified in view of bringing positive solutions to the described situation:

  • To promote volunteering in sports through extra-curricular activities and courses in view of increasing innovation capacity of sport clubs delegates and other related target groups to involve volunteers
  • To embed innovative approach towards volunteering in sports, through mainstreaming the development of awareness towards volunteering actions in sports; 
  • To encourage sport clubs to stimulate volunteering in sports in view of developing such mindsets among their members and etc.



 3 outputs are planned to be created during the project- research in regards of volunteering in sports operated in 7 EU countries, a training module and guide/TOOLKIT for enhancing competences of volunteer managers in sports and interactive website.



  1. Mundus Bulgaria
  2. Regional Volunteer Centre - Poland
  3. Pannonian Challenge -  Croatia
  4. WUS Österreich - Austria
  5. Association Sport for all Vojvodina -Serbia
  6. Biderbost, Boscan & Rochin -  Spain
  7. SPIN Sport Innovation – Germany
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