AduGames Second Transnational Meeting or How to Create a Game

As the timeline for this project is nearing its end, the consortium of partners on AduGames met in Sofia, Bulgaria to discuss the important outstanding tasks to be completed. The main topic of the work-day was how to create an entertaining game for grown-ups that also serves as a tool for learning. After an initial […]

GREW Kick-off Meeting in Sofia

GREW is a project focused on mitigating ethnic discrimination by empowering ethnic communities through sport. All partners in the consortium have extensive expertise in promoting Education Through Sport methodology (ETS) and are looking forward to building upon it while completing the ambitious targets set for GREW.    The Kick-off meeting focused on breaking down the […]

How is sport and non-formal education connected?

We are almost at the end of our Sport&NFE project, which means that we can finally present some tangible results.  We present you with a self-learning course on educating through sport, that is available for anyone on the website of the project:  The course is designed for teachers, coaches, youth workers and youth leaders, […]

What’s to come: Second Intellectual Output of the Alliance for Green Entrepreneurship

Based on the result of Intellectual Output 1 (IO1) – The Report on Green Entrepreneurship – the partnership moved on to working on the production of the second output, which will be a cluster of training material and learning content for adult learners.  This educational training aims to inform and guide business owners and entrepreneurs […]

Report on green entrepreneurship – European best practices

The Alliance for Green Entrepreneurship project is moving forward swiftly. We’re proud to have completed an international report on green entrepreneurship and best practices in the European Union, especially focused on  partner countries: Bulgaria, Denmark, the Netherlands, Greece, Poland, and Romania.  This report is an accumulation of the consortium’s research in their own countries and […]

Kick off meeting – Employ Me

Employ Me

At the beginning of December, we travelled to Prague in order to officially begin working on the Employ Me project. Although our consortium represents many different countries – Spain, Lithuania, Greece, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Belgium, and Bulgaria – all partners noted the exclusion of migrants in our communities is persistent. For this reason, the project […]

Third Transnational Meeting for Sport & NFE in Germany

Sport & NFE

The third transnational meeting for the Sport & NFE project took place in Cologne, Germany between November 22nd and 25th. It focused on the activities to date, as well as the upcoming international conference “Education and Sport”, which will be held in Sofia, Bulgaria in May 2023. “Sport and NFE” project  is an initiative that […]

Sport for Refugees Kick Off Meeting

During the last week of November 2022, the partners for this project gathered together to kick start an initiative focused on inclusion of refugees and youth from a migrant background. The meeting took place in Suceava, Romania over two days. After familiarising ourselves with the sport facilities and sport programmes ran by Liceul cu Program […]

Young Entrepreneurs Guild training: How do you start a business?

From 31/10 to 04/11 we hosted the first Learning and Training activity for the project Young Entrepreneurs Guild, where a group of 18 young people interested in improving their entrepreneurial skills took part.  We started the week off with making sure we are on the same page – establishing who an entrepreneur is, where we […]

Results from the first research phase of FAMS

The initial research phase of the FAMS project was completed during the second week of November, 2022. Mundus carried out an important field research into the Bulgarian sport federations and sport clubs to find out the conditions and opportunities for professional growth of women into coaching, sport management and sport governance. Each partner was responsible […]