Development of the Digital Sovereignty Competences of VET teachers and trainers (DiscVET)

Project: Development of the Digital Sovereignty Competences of VET teachers and trainers (DiscVET)
Sector: Vocational education and training (KA202)

Project number: 2020 – 1 – DE02 – KA226 – VET - 008261

Aims of the project:

The DiscVET project aims to support VET teachers/trainers in Europe in becoming sovereign of their digital data and in enhancing their digital security skills through a new innovative form of training content along with an online simulation platform. It is supposed to enrich their portofolio with relevant training materials for teaching others on digital security topics.

(Digital sovereignty is a new concept in the digital era.It is the capacity of individuals to own their personal data and control its use).

Target groups:

  • VET teachers/trainers (direct target group)
  • VET organisations
  • Education providers and organisations
  • Experts and decision makers at regional/national/European level and relevant networks of interest.



  1. Defining of the key components of competences needed by VET teachers/trainers to effectively integrate digital sovereignty and security protocols.
  2. Providing and validating an EU reference framework for developing and evaluating digital security competences.
  3. Development of an innovative training material aiming to enable VET teachers/trainers to develop the necessary competences in order to increase the level of their digital sovereignty as well be able to train other people within their work.
  4. Puting the acquired knowledge into practice by trying to successfully cope up with the interactive digital security simulation exercises.


  • A new framework of the necessary digital sovereignty and digital security skills and competences for VET teachers/trainers and other individuals;
  • An innovative micro-learning training material on Digital Sovereignty Competences;
  • An online platform through which VET teachers/trainers will be able to respond and react to various scenarios of cyber-attacks and digital security breaches;
  • An interactive Digital Sovereignty Toolbox for VET teachers/trainers, ensuring a high level of transferability of the project’s outputs and outcomes.
  • Increased capacity of VET teachers/trainers to develop more secure and fortified digital education environments and services;
  • Increased self-awareness and critical thinking, related to the use of digital devices for an effective application of digital security measures in day-to-day work and specific situations.





Petit Pas - Italy

Mednarodni institut za implementacijo trajnostnega razvoja, Maribor - Slovenia

Vernian RTI - Cyprus


BK Consult GbR - Germany

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